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00001 [pointer_default(ref)] interface Arrays {
/* Strings */

[string] char * str1([in,string] unsigned char * s);

/* Arrays */

void array1([in, out] int t[10]);

void array2([in] int n, [in, out, size_is(n)] int t[]);

void array3([in] int n, [in, out, size_is(n)] int t[10]);

void array4([in] int n, [out] int * m, [in, out, size_is(n), length_is(*m)] int t[10]);

void array5([in,out] int *n, [in, out, size_is(*n), length_is(*n)] int t[]);

/* Optional strings and arrays */

[string,unique] char * optstr1([in,string,unique] unsigned char * s);

void optarray1([in,null_terminated,unique] int options[]);

/* Multidimensional arrays */

void multarray1([in] int i, [in] int j, [in, size_is(i,j)] int t[][]);
void multarray2([in] int i, [in, size_is(,i)] int t[10][]);

/* Big arrays */

void bigarray1([bigarray,in,out] double t[10][20]);
void bigarray2([in] int dimx, [in] int dimy,
               [in,bigarray,size_is(dimx,dimy)] long t[][],
               [out,bigarray,size_is(dimy,dimx)] long tt[][]);
[bigarray,unique,size_is(10)] long * bigarray3([bigarray,in,unique] long * b);

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