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Basics Interface Reference

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interface  Basics_Integers

Public Member Functions

int f1 ([in] int x)
int f10 ([int64] long x)
long f11 ([int32] int x)
unsigned int f12 ([nativeint] unsigned long x)
int f15 (int x)
void f16 ([string] const char *p)
const char * f17 ()
hyper int f18 (unsigned __int64 x, long long y)
unsigned long f2 ([in] long x)
void f3 ([out] int *p)
void f4 ([in, out] int *p)
int f5 ([in] int x,[out] int *p)
int * f6 ([in, unique] int *x)
int * f7 ([in, ptr] int *x)
void f8 ([in, out] int *p,[in, out] long *q)
int f9 (int i1, int i2, int i3, int i4, int i5, int i6, int i7, int i8)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file basics.idl.

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