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#ifndef __Registry_H__
#define __Registry_H__
// Registry.h
//   - Helper functions registering and unregistering a component.

// This function will register a component in the Registry.
// The component calls this function from its DllRegisterServer function.
HRESULT RegisterServer(HMODULE hModule, 
                       const CLSID& clsid, 
                       const char* szFriendlyName,
                       const char* szVerIndProgID,
                       const char* szProgID,
                       const GUID& libid) ;

// This function will unregister a component.  Components
// call this function from their DllUnregisterServer function.
HRESULT UnregisterServer(const CLSID& clsid,
                         const char* szVerIndProgID,
                         const char* szProgID) ;


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